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Darran Prior architecturally trained, with a Masters in Architectural 

Lighting Design from KTH Stockholm. Approaching 10 years experience working in projects such as large scale residential, museum and galleries,

superyachts and commercial, all varying in scale and style. Key projects have included:   

2021 - atis Eccleston Yards, London

2020 - Truman's Social Club, London

2020 – Private Residence with Kitesgrove, London

2019 – Padella Shoreditch, London**

2019 – Eden Rock Hotel, St. Barths**

2019 – Large Tudor residential, Hertfordshire

2018 – Residential ‘healthy home’ as seen on Grand Designs, Richmond

2017 – Subterranean extension with 23 + GS / 318 Architects, London*

2017 – Illuminating India exhibition, Science Museum, London*

2017 – Peninsula Place Exhibition with Emulsion Architects, London*

2016 – Holland Green Development with OMA / Allies and Morrison, London*

2016 – Leonardo da Vinci: Mechanics of Genius exhibition, Science Museum, London*

*lighting design at Roundlight Ltd.

** lighting design at Stileman Lighting

Darran Prior
Powerscroft Rd
Coombe Lane West
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