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There’s Light is an award-winning architectural lighting design studio based in London, merging lighting and technological innovation with design. 


Founded in London 2016, There’s Light has delivered projects from the Caribbean to Europe, South America, and the Middle & Far East in designs of varying scales and uses, from commercial and hospitality to high-end residential.


There’s Light’s approach has been at the forefront of lighting advances and sustainability by adopting the principles of a circular economy, in both our day-to-day activities as well as on our projects. We reflect this at our core, from our pre-owned furniture choices to refurbished computers, we ensure our business minimises the impact on global resources, transportation networks and running costs, without compromising on comfort or technology. We approach our projects through this lens, prioritising local manufacturers and thus reducing shipping costs and emissions. Our shared values have led us not only to several forward-thinking suppliers that design their fixtures with right-to-repair, but we are also early adopters of new technologies such as Bluetooth dimming as early as 2017. These principles in practice have reduced cabling on our projects, saving copper wiring and its installation, in turn bringing down costs and commissioning needs, ultimately ensuring longevity and adaptability are at the root of our design process.


We believe in lighting: it has the ability to transform perceptions of built environments, guiding us through the spaces and narratives. It is this belief that leads us to innovative lighting solutions for our clients. At times our directive calls for a bold and prominent approach, and at other times an understated one, creating contrast and emphasising destinations.


Matt Beckett
Corner at Tate Modern
Dust Bathers
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